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Efficiently Managing the Move-In Process

By streamlining the move-in process, Baylor University prepared students and staff for this day with student self-service tools.
Baylor University
The stress and chaos of move-in day effects residents, their families, and campus staff. Baylor University has prepared students and staff for this day with the StarRez student self-service tools. By streamlining the move-in process, new students and parents are equipped for the move-in process.

“Move-in can be a stressful day – especially in the Texas heat.  With StarRez we were able to provide personalized information to our students about Move2BU.  The robust StarRez tools allowed us to effectively communicate with resident, efficiently check students in upon arrival, and ensure all facilities were ready for the students.”

Ryan Cohenour, Baylor University


  • Manage the move-in of 3,500 freshmen residents in one day.
  • Ensure the residence halls are prepared for residents before their arrival.
  • Decrease the time students and families wait in line on move-in day.
  • Create a positive first impression on as new students arrive to campus.
  • Effectively communicate with residents prior to move-in.


  • Staggered the arrival of residents by assigning residents a move-in time, which could be updated online by the residents with scheduling conflicts.
  • Utilized Fast Check-In on iPads and iPhones to record when the student arrived to campus by scanning a student’s ID card.
  • Inspected student spaces and created electronic room condition form for students to review upon arrival.
  • Communicated with residents through customized, automated emails before and after the student checked into a residence hall.
  • Immediately updated the door access system upon arrival.


  • Housing Management & Online Applications with Student Self-Service
  • Front Desk Keys Management; Fast Check In/Out; Early Arrivals and Late Stay Management; Staff Employee Applications; Roommate Agreements; Programming Management; Inventory & Room Inspections; Persons of Concern; Package Tracking; Maintenance Work Order; and StarRez Cloud
  • Integration with Banner by Ellucian and Door Access Export to CS Gold
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